Bells and Tides (youtube)
cello and percussion. UmeDuo, St Petersburg International New Music Festival, remusik. Recording: remusik.

A swarm came in from the dark (full lenght)
violin solo and ensemble. Karin Hellqvist & Gageego!, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2015. Recording: private.

Gesång (youtube)
mezzo soprano, percussion and electronics. Duo Ego, studio recording 2016 by Tony Blomdahl & Linus Andersson, Elementstudion.

While the heart's heartbeat beats its old song (excerpt)
bass saxophone and tape. Jörgen Pettersson, Sound of Stockholm, Kulturhuset, 2014. Recording: private.

Krusning Skiktning (excerpt)
piano and orchestra. Per Tengstrand and Jönköpings sinfonietta. Conductor: Hannu Koivola. Kulturhuset Spira, Jönköping 2013. Recording: Swedish Radio P2.

Tinkles, clinks and heavenly metal (full length)
contrabass recorder, violin, sound objects and electronics. Faint Noise (Anna Petrini, Karin Hellqvist and Malin Bång), Klang festival, Republique, Copenhagen 2013. Recording: private.

While she was dreaming (full length)
violin and tape. Karin Hellqvist, Bydgoszcz, Poland 2014. Recording: private.

Reed, chanting (excerpt)
oboe and tape. Kennet Bohman, Nordic Music Days, Stockholm, 2012. Recording: Swedish Radio P2.

Wavering wood, whirling metal (excerpt)
harp and percussion. Duo Harpverk. Recording: "The greenhouse sessions", record released 2012. Listen full length on Spotify by searching on "Duo Harpverk".

Paths of wood and pearl (excerpt)
flute, violin, cello and piano. The pearls before swine experience. Sound of Stockholm, Kulturhuset, 2011. Recording: private.

Reed, undulating (excerpt)
clarinet, violin, cello and prepared piano. Norrbotten Neo. Studio Acusticum, Piteå, 2010. Recording: Swedish Radio P2.

Reed, motion (excerpt)
symphony orchestra. Swedish National Orchestra Academy. Conductor: Joachim Gustavsson. Artisten, Göteborg 2009. Recording: private.

Sand, tystnad (excerpt)
string orchestra. Musica Vitae. Conductor: Mikael Bartosch. Artisten, Göteborg 2006. Recording: Swedish Radio P2.

Backdrifting (full length)
flute, trombone, percussion, piano/harmonium and cello, performed by Gageego. Conductor: Jean-Charles François. Stenhammarsalen, Göteborgs konserthus, 2006. Recording: private.

For Ashley (full length)
piano and tape. Jenny Hettne, studio recording 2004.