Solo with electronics:

While the heart's heartbeat beats its old song, the harp version (2014/2017)
amplified harp and tape.
Written for Katie Buckley. Premiered
by Katie Buckley 2017 in Reykjavik. Durata: 11'.

While the heart's heartbeat beats its old song (2014)
amplified bass saxophone and tape.
Written for Jörgen Pettersson. Premiered
by Jörgen Pettersson 2014 in Stockholm. Durata: 11'.

While she was dreaming (2010-2012)
amplified violin and tape.
Written for Karin Hellqvist. Premiered
by Karin Hellqvist 2012 in Ålborg. Durata: 9'. SCORE

Ytor, böljande (2009)
percussion and mini loudspeaker.
Premiered by Jonny Axelsson 2014 in Leicester. Durata: 10'.

Reed, chanting (2007-2008)
oboe and tape.
Written for Dimas Ruiz Santos. Premiered by
Dimas Ruiz Santos 2007 (part I) and Magdalena
Fonzcak 2008 (part II) in Göteborg. Durata: 13'.

For Ashley (2003)
prepared piano and tape.
Premiered by the composer 2003 in Göteborg. Durata: 5'30"

Chamber music:

Ting and twine (2017)
harp and percussion.
Written for Duo Harpverk. Premiered byDuo Harpverk 2017 in Reykjavik. Durata: 6'30".

Bells and Tides (2016)
cello and percussion.
Written for UmeDuo. Premiered by UmeDuo 2016 in St Petersburg. Durata: 11'

Gesång (2015)
mezzo soprano, percussion and electronics.
Written for Duo Ego. Premiered by Duo Ego 2016 in Gävle. Durata: 11'

A swarm came in from the dark (2014)
violin solo and six instruments.
Written for Karin Hellqvist & Gageego!. Premiered by Karin Hellqvist & Gageego! 2015 in Stockholm. Durata: 12' SCORE

Tinkles, clinks and heavenly metal (2012)
amplified contrabass recorder, violin, sound objects and electronics.
Written for Faint Noise. Premiered by Faint Noise
2013 in Copenhagen. Durata: 10'. SCORE

Musik för strängar (2011)
piano four hands.
Premiered by Julia Sigova and Anton Kostevski 2012 in Malmö. Durata: 12'

Paths of wood and pearl (2010)
flute, violin, cello and piano.
Written for Pärlor för Svin. Premiered by Pärlor för Svin
2011 in Stockholm. Durata: 5'

Wavering wood, whirling metal (2009)
harp and percussion.
Written for Duo Harpverk. Premiered by Duo Harpverk
2009 in Reykjavik. Durata: 9'

Reed, undulating (2008)
clarinet, violin, cello and piano.
Premiered by Beatrice Seyzeriat, Stephanie Mulot, Odd Sonntag and
Antonio Hallonberg, conducted by Rei Munakata, 2008 in Göteborg. Durata:11'

Backdrifting (2006)
flute, trombone, percussion, piano/harmonium and cello.
Written for Gageego! Premiered by Gageego 2006 in Göteborg. Durata 9'

Ausencia (2005)
flute and cello.
Premiered by Cecilia Tegenfeldt and Johannes Bergion 2006 in Göteborg. Durata: 7'

Chennai-7 (2004)
flute, oboe, bassoon, tuba, violin and contrabass.
Premiered by students at Academy of Music and Drama 2004 in Göteborg. Durata 8'

Sparkling/dead (2003)
trombone, tape and 3 dancers .
Premiered by Maja Fredriksson and dancers from Balettakademin 2003 in Göteborg.

Stjärnklart Glasklart (2002)
flute, clarinet, percussion, piano and stringquintet.
Premiered by Sonanza 2002 in Visby. Durata 8'

Whirli(gigue) (2016)
symphony orchestra.
Written for Malmö Symphony Orchestra.
Premiered 2017 in Malmö, conductor: Leif Segerstam. Durata 7'

Krusning Skiktning (2013)
piano and orchestra.
Written for Per Tengstrand and Jönköpings Sinfonietta.
Premiered 2013 in Jönköping, conductor: Hannu Koivula. Durata 21'

Reed, motion (2008)
symphony orchestra.
Premiered 2009 in Göteborg by Swedish National Orchestra Academy, conductor: Joachim Gustafsson. Durata 12'

Sand, tystnad (2006)
string orchestra.
Premiered 2006 in Växjö by Musica Vitae, conductor: Michael Bartosch. Durata 12'

Cracking People Up (2002)

Oiseaux Electroniques (2001)